26 Apr 2015

MySundayPhoto - 26/4/15

A rather blustery selfie with my boy at Portland Bill lighthouse! 
(That's my husband in the background)


The Week That Was Captured - 20th-26th April 2015

A late afternoon walk to our local park. Harry loves racing his bike around and quite often makes me chase him around and around and around....

A great workout at Mummies and Buggies!

Harry kindly offered to wash his and Sophie's chairs so they could sit in the garden.

My girl having a peaceful afternoon snooze.

A great morning run. One of those runs that feels really comfortable, although my GPS failed so it didn't record my time. Another walk to the park in the afternoon and my Harry picked me a daisy. Sweety :)

A rather murky looking Dorset enroute to our first family camping holiday.

Hubby making us our first camping cuppa on Sunday morning.

25 Apr 2015

#HowToLose7Lbs - Day Four!

It was all a bit hectic this morning getting out the house for our little holiday. We all had a quick slice of toast and I had a coffee too.

We spent all of the morning in the car but stopped for an early lunch in Cheltenham. I had sweet potato and red pepper soup with a small cheese scone (and half an iced bun....sshhhh!).

Zilch today :( Missed it too!

We're away for four nights now so I expect there is going to be a fair amount of eating out. We went to Dorset Burger Company this evening. I did have a burger, obviously, but I gave half my bun to Sophie! 

Back in the tent now. Our first evening under the stars. I'll leave you with a photo, not related to my weight loss in anyway, but a moment when we were watching daddy put up the tent earlier in the rain.....He he!

Happy Days - 25/4/15

I'm linking up with Katy at What Katy Said and Jenna at TinyFootSteps for the #HappyDaysLinky!

Out and About
We took Harry over to our local park earlier this week. It was after 3pm, so there were a few older children playing. I gathered from all the pretend shooting, that they were playing 'soldiers' or 'army' or something similar! Harry tried joining in the commando rolls down the hill......

Fun at Home
A nice sunny afternoon in the garden listening to music. Sophie was so happy climbing on and off her chair. Little monkey!

Time for Me
My only time this week that was just 'me', was last Sunday evening when I escaped for a bath and cheeky glass of wine :)

My Happiest Moment
Seems silly, but a sunny afternoon, a walk with my little ones, playing nicely. Perfect.

Next week I would like to.....
I'm running a new #HowToLose7Lbs project on my blog at the moment as I've put on 7 pounds since my Wedding. Before that, I had lost 33 pounds after having our little girl, Sophie in April 2014. I really want to get rid of these 7 pounds again, so a 1 pound loss next week will be great!


24 Apr 2015


It was all quite rushed this morning, so I made everyone toast with peanut butter. Yes, unfortunately, it was white toast and I put a little butter on too, as well as the peanut butter!

I felt really sluggish this morning. I did end up having that glass of red last night, and I felt it this morning. 

Paul went out on his bike earlier but he had strict instructions to get back by 11.30 so I had enough time to do a workout before getting Harry from pre-school at 12.30.

I really didn't feel like doing anything today, but Paul made me go out for a run as I made such a fuss about him getting back. 

It ended up being quite a good run! But unfortunately, my GPS failed for a big section of it! Look!......
Between those two grey markers it didn't record my time or pace :(
The summary at the end said I did 3.2km in 15.48 (5.04min/km pace) but it was obviously more than that. How annoying!

Today was poor. I had a ham sandwich. I didn't really have time to plan much more than that as we're packing for our camping holiday tomorrow!

This afternoon I've had a Trek protein bar and a coffee! 

Paul offered me a bag of chocolate buttons. I said no. 

We had a spicy tomato prawn curry for dinner. Nice, but very light and not much 'substance'. I feel hungry still, which is a good thing I guess. Bring on the fat burning! 
I'm signing off for the night as we've got lots of packing to do ready for our first family camping holiday for 4 nights from tomorrow! I'm excited! Packing my trainers too ;) 

My advice to first time mums.....

Don't listen to advice.

Your family and friends will inevitably want to guide you in the right direction and give you some helpful tips. My advice is to listen, and pop their advice to one side, but thank them for offering their support.

The best thing you can do is go it alone. Learn it all your own way! 

You will be discharged from hospital after as little as a few hours. Don't be scared. You are a natural mum and everything will fall into place. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, or are unable to, you will know when your baby needs feeding or at least you'll work it out eventually. You will know when your baby is tired or you'll work it out eventually. You'll forget that they might be crying because their nappy needs changing and as soon as you change it, all is ok again! Look out for the crazy black poo they do after a couple of days! Good luck with that! You'll also have the rotting umbilical cord stump to deal with in the first few days. Keep it clean and it'll be fine! 

This was me with Harry (our first baby), at home, just 12 hours after giving birth to him. That smile is a 'I don't know what I'm doing smile'!

Don't go mad buying baby clothes before he/she arrives, it's not like you're never going to go shopping again! They will have grown out of newborn clothes and those teeny tiny size nappies within a few days!

Don't go crazy buying baby contraptions either. Here are some of the things we bought for Harry which we never used (or maybe used once)...
Baby bath (just use the bath you already have or the sink!)
Breastfeeding pillow (I could never get comfy)
Bumbo (sat in the corner unused) 

Also, a Moses basket will only last 6 weeks! Just saying!

Newborns don't play with toys. Don't feel inclined to buy all the latest sensory, development related toys. Some of them are lovely and you won't be able to resist but a toy chest full is not necessary. 

Things I bought when I had Sophie which I wish I had with Harry....
Changing table (a saviour for my knees from changing on the floor)
Chicco's Next 2 Me crib - much bigger than a Moses basket so saw Sophie through until she was around 8 months!
Tommee Tippees Perfect Prep bottle making machine - if you can't be bothered to keep using boiling water and waiting for it to cool.

Things I've made good use of with both our kids....
Bouncy chair (ours was a swinging one actually)
Inflatable ring

You've also got the mammoth task of choosing a pushchair/pram/buggy contraption. Did you know that it is now law (in the UK) for babies to be in a rear-facing car seat until their 15 months! It's true - here's the proof. That may influence your choice of pushchair.

We had a Mothercare Extreme with Harry. An 'off-roader', which came with a car seat that clipped straight into it. We did end up buying a smaller stroller (Petite Star Zia X) later as it got too big, especially when he wasn't using the car seat anymore. When Sophie was born, we got a Britax B-Agile Double Stroller, as Harry was still at the stage of wanting to sit down when we were out. He's too big for it now, just we're back to using the Zia for Soph.

The whole amazing role of being a mum is getting to know your child and doing what you both feel is right. 

You'll get told to stick to a bedtime 'routine' and, yes of course, this might work for you. It works for my bestie and she loves her routine (she will smile at this), but for me it's all a bit ad hoc. Every day is different for us and sometimes my two have baths before dinner, sometimes after dinner, sometimes they don't have baths at all. I remember with Harry, our first, he got bathed every night, whereas I think poor Sophie has gone three days without a bath! 

Should they stay upstairs after a bath or should they be allowed downstairs? My two come downstairs for a bit, I think because I end up bathing them so early as they get so dirty after dinner! 

Story or milk first? Milk on the sofa or in bed? Or at the same time? Or God forbid, no story at all! You choose! Try different ways and see what feels natural for you.

Oooo, another one! "Make sure you put them down asleep so they learn to fall asleep by themselves". Me, I fed mine to sleep! I realise the benefits of letting babies learn to fall asleep by themselves but I'm quite happy helping mine to do it. My eldest Harry, who's 3 1/2 can do it by himself now, he has done for a while now. He learnt it by himself! He takes himself up to bed when he's tired now, but sometimes we even let him fall asleep on the sofa then we carry him up! Sophie's not quite there yet.

I breastfed Harry until he was 5 months, however I made it longer with Sophie. I would say I breastfed her until 8 months, now at almost 13 months, she just uses me as a dummy during the night. Yes, that may be frowned upon but if that's what she wants to do then fine by me. She will grow out of it when she's ready.

"You must introduce a sippy cup for milk at 6 months!" Really? Sophie has two bottles a day, around 2pm and another at 7pm ish. She likes her bottles. I have no reason to take them away. Harry still has a bottle of milk before bed. Yes, a bottle, a Tommee Tippee baby bottle. I know he starts school this year. I must stop him from having a bottle, at some point. He's perfectly capable of having milk from a cup. In fact, he did last night as all the bottles were in the wash. I'm probably just clinging onto my baby boy! 

I made the mistake of reading the Gina Ford book when I had Harry. Read it if you want so you can see what it's all about, but don't live your life by it. It will take over your sanity! 

Both our two co-slept with us. They would go to bed in their own cots/bed to begin with but when they woke up (this could be anywhere from a couple of hours later up to 6am) they would come in with us. I like my sleep and I'm not going to stand up rocking a child to sleep when I know I can get them to sleep instantly another way! You may not want your baby in 'your space', so do whatever feels right for you. There are lots of different sleep training methods to read about out there, but find your own way as that's the way that you're more likely to be consistent doing.

Feeding - your baby will get to around 5 months (or earlier even!), and others will ask you if you've started baby rice yet! This isn't a rule, YOU can decide what your baby eats and when they eat it (but I will recommend holding off on solids as long as you can. There's no need to rush it). I totally see the benefits of baby-led weaning and I know a lot of mums who swear by it, but purées and spoon-feeding might suit you better! I use, and still use a random mixture of both! Personally I love Ellas Kitchen meals for convenience but I also gave Harry and Sophie food from our plates too, so they've had a mixture of 'weaning methods'.

You'll be out in public and your baby will do a poo explosion causing you to abandon everything and go home. I've also been caught out with no nappies before when taking Sophie to a work meeting. I whipped her nappy off on the floor of a hotel reception still trying to overhear the meeting then realised I had no new nappy to put on! I had to announce I was leaving to go to sainsburys (only a mile away luckily). I picked up a lot of tissue on my way out and sat Sophie on the tissues in her car seat. We rushed to buy nappies, got into the baby change and made it without an accident!  

The important thing is to not judge yourself based on what others are doing. You will get thrown up on, a lot. You will get wee'd on and if you're like me, you'll get poo'd on. Your brand new carpet will get stained, your walls and dining room table will get drawn on, but nothing gets better in life than raising children. Your way!

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23 Apr 2015

#HowToLose7Lbs - Update #2

Day Two

Had a bowl of blueberry and cranberry granola again this morning. I didn't have time for a cup of tea as I wanted to get the kiddies to nursery this morning for 8am so I had time to do a workout and some emails before going out to teach a class at 10.30am.

2.2km run (with x12 30metre sprint:30metre slow job intervals thrown in the middle)
I used the lamp posts for the intervals.....

Followed by some weight training in the garage......
Deadlift 30kg x12 reps
Halted deadlift 60kg 2x20 second holds
Wide shoulder press 20kg
Mountain climbers x20 slow and controlled
Plank 1 minute

I had a small portion of the leftovers from last nights dinner. I could have quite easily eaten more, but had to get out to pick up the two little ones from nursery.

We spent the afternoon in the garden, again! We also had a walk down to the park in the sunshine.

I had two cups of coffee this afternoon and a small bowl of sweet and salty popcorn, just to keep me going until dinner time ;)

For dinner, we had baked chicken tikka, with brown rice, cucumber and spring onion with a cucumber raita. It was lovely! Very healthy and didn't make me feel full, just satisfied.
The hubby is back later so I expect he'll walk through the door with a bottle of red. I will have a glass I'm sure.

I've drank more water today at least. Probably just under a litre. Not enough yet, but heading in the right direction!