30 Jun 2015

Baking and Crafting with Mini-Beasts..

We've enjoyed doing all sorts of activities at home this week, which were related to 'mini-beasts' (or bugs!).

Following a little research, me and Harry got all our crafting gear outside and got a whole load of 'making and doing' done!

We started off by making a Sticky Spider's Web

We got a hula-hoop and used masking tape to form a web. Following a short discussion on what spiders eat, we used little black pom poms as flies getting stuck in the web. Slightly gross, but it was fun!

I came across this fab cake mould in Asda last week, which I knew would be perfect for making Bug Cakes!

We mixed together a standard cake mix of 65g butter, 65g caster sugar, 1 egg and 65g self raising flour. 

I thought it would be fun to add a bit of colour, so we made a blue mix, a green mix and a red mix. The colours aren't that bright as I didn't want to go mad on the artificial colour and be left with a mad child for the rest of the day!

Et voila! Aren't they ace!! 

We were so pleased how they turned out! I suppose we could have also done a bit of decorating with writing icing, but it was lunch time by then.....

Our next activity was doing a bit of painting and glueing to make a Hungry Caterpillar. Harry is playing a strawberry in his end of pre-school play this coming Friday so I thought he would like to make something related to that story.

For the caterpillar we just used paper plates, paint, stick on eyes, black pipe cleaners and some images of fruit, which we stuck on with glue.

Pretty impressive huh! I did help with the painting around the edges!

We completed our activities with some bees (two wingless), and a lonely ladybird

The bees were just made from yellow card, stick on eyes and black paint/tissue paper. The ladybird was a painted egg cup with eyes

I hope you liked our bakes and crafts! 

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24 Jun 2015

My Summer Fitness Wear Wish List

You'll think I work for Nike after reading this post, but I can assure you that I have absolutely no personal or professional connection with them whatsoever. I just LOVE their stuff!

We went to New York last September, and I think me and Paul spent more time in the Nike store than we did in the toy stores!

I'm loving the black/grey/yellow colour scheme in my new wish list and a lot of the items can be easily mix and matched to give different looks. I realise that clothes you work out in are only going to get sweaty, but it's important you feel good too, right?

1. Firstly I've picked out a running jacket. I've got really into running recently and when it's dry and sunny (and ONLY when it's dry and sunny), I will take my running outside. This jacket is nice and thin so won't get too hot but will keep the wind at bay. It's got handy zipped pockets too to keep the house door key in! - Nike Windrunner printed shell running jacket • Nike • £70.

2. Next up is a jersey hooded top. So just a warmer layer to wear before and after a workout. It's even got a terry interior so would be really cosy after exercise - Nike Cotton-blend jersey hooded top • Nike • £60.

3. I'm liking this little bumbag. Somewhere to keep my keys and phone during a workout or at least walking to and from the gym. I don't need to take much more than that with me, so a bag this size that I don't actually need to carry is perfect! - NIKE Rucksacks & Bumbags • Nike • £24

4. Quite simply, you can't go wrong now or have too many standard black Nike pants. They're even comfy to wear around the house. - Nike Pro Pants • Nike • £28

5. Here are some co-ordinating trainers. You can't go wrong with some Air Max! - Nike Womens Air Max Fusion Training Shoes Black/White/Volt • Nike • £54.99

6. These have to be my favourite of the bunch! They'll be great for running in - Nike Pro Patchwork Print Capri • Nike • £35

7. I have a muscle-back top in this material and it's nice and thin and light. A great 'over-layer' to wear over a crop top or vest - Nike Dri-Fit Touch T-Shirt • Nike • £30

8. A bit of boob support is always required during a workout. I find all Nike crop tops really supportive and comfy. I even prefer them to wearing a bra somedays! - NIKE Top • Nike • £20

9. If you're like me and don't like bearing your tummy during a workout, then a vest like this would be perfect. I love the bright colour too! - Nike Pro stretch-jersey tank • Nike • £20

What do you think of these items? 

Is there anything that takes your fancy?

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21 Jun 2015

A Moment I'll Treasure...

As a Mum, there are endless moments that we don't want to forget, but every now and again, you feel, see, hear or experience something that your child has done and you consciously think to yourself.. "I don't want to forget this".

I had one of those moments just last night.

Harry fell asleep on the sofa around 4.30pm yesterday afternoon. He was still there at 7.00pm, so we decided to move him up to bed, even though he hadn't had any dinner.

He's been so tired again recently, which I can only put that down to another growth spurt.

We went up to bed around 10.30pm, and at about 11.00pm, we heard Harry get out of bed, close his door behind him and scuttle into our room. 

He had that gorgeous sleepy, cosy look. The one where you know, as soon as their head hits the pillow again, they'll be fast asleep again.

While he snuck under the covers next to me, perched on the edge of the mattress, falling asleep as he did so, he said "Mummy I just want to be next to you".

He snuggled into me and you know those times where they just mould to you. He couldn't be closer. Instantly he was back to sleep.

This is the amazing and rewarding part of being a Mummy. Yes, it's hard everyday. Working out what you should say and do to make them a better person. Hating yourself, for feeling like you could have done something differently.

Children are so forgiving and affectionate, and we should appreciate their innocence and hold on to these precious moments.

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20 Jun 2015

An Unplanned Day At Trentham

Earlier this week, we decided to have a spontaneous family day out. We woke up with the Sun beaming through the windows so it had to be somewhere outside. It also had to be somewhere not too far away, as Harry isn't great with car journeys at the moment. 

We decided on Trentham Gardens and The Monkey Forest, which is just an hour drive from us. 

We made the journey without a hitch, apart from being asked continually if we were there yet after just a few hundred yards from the house. 

The Monkey Forest was our first point of call where about 140 Barbary Macaques monkeys all live and roam in a 60 acre forest. We did have to explain to Harry beforehand that he wasn't allowed to run or shout in the forest as he could frighten the monkeys. 

There is a clear path to follow through the forest where you can observe the monkeys living naturally. They quite often walk across the path too, which Harry was surprised about! 

A few of the females currently have babies too at the moment, and you could see them either being carried on their Mums backs or under their arms. 

Apparently, sometimes other monkeys like to babysit the babies but don't often ask the Mum first! We established this after there was a little kerfuffle! The guides who are dotted around the forest are really knowledgable and explained this to us and the fact they will make up after a few minutes, which they did by picking through each others fur.

Once we had made our way through the lower section of the forest, spotting monkey's in the trees on the way, we were decided to give Harry and Sophie a few minutes to play in the playground before we made our way back out to the car park and into Trentham Gardens.

Trentham have a boat which you can ride up and down the lake,  but you could also hire a rowing boat or take the mini-train, to rest the legs. We decided on walking up one side to the Shopping Village, Gardens and Adventure Playground and then take the boat back later. 

The walk up with lake took about 20-25 minutes. That's with a 3 year old walking too (and sometimes on our back!). 

It was a perfect walk...quiet, sunny and with lovely views.

Along the way too, there are also the Trentham Fairies to spot. Some in the water, some up high, and this one sitting casually on the bench.

Once we had reached the North of the lake, we had a short browse round the Shopping Village and had a quick lunch. Harry was already asking if we were going on the boat yet, but we managed to distract his attention with the promise of an Adventure Playground!

The gardens were beautiful, (even Harry said so!), so we took another leisurely stroll through the flowers and plants....

Harry thought this little tree was great! He asked for a photo of him under it...

We reached the adventure playground and Harry made his way straight to this big slide. There was something for everyone, for children of all ages and it seemed a popular highlight for families.

Sophie mainly enjoyed sifting through bark chippings and mud...

We decided to brave the maze before we made our way to catch the 2pm boat, but we got half-way through and turned around before we got even more lost! It was great though and I wish we had a little more time to walk all the way through it.

Back at the lake, we waited for the boat to moor up, and Sophie found her second wind. We let her run it off around on the grass before we left, while Harry pushed his way through to the front of the queue for the boat.

Paul rounded Sophie up once we were ready to leave and we made the 20 minute refreshing boat journey back.

I love this photo of them on the boat. It shows their personalities perfectly. Harry is looking very proud of himself and his sister, and Sophie looks the smily, adventurous girly she is.

We had a totally fantastic, unexpected, unplanned day. The best days EVER!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 
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