26 Feb 2014

Pregnancy Update...Week 35!

Another super fast week has disappeared in the blink of an eye, and I'm feeling like I'm in my second trimester again! 

I'm feel quite good at the moment and don't feel at all like there is only 5 weeks left. 

5 weeks left! 

I just don't believe it! I always had a feeling that our baby girl was going to be early but now I'm thinking she may make the most of the extra 2 weeks they allow them to stay inside. 

It's really starting to sink in now. Not only am I getting super excited about meeting our little girl, but I'm also getting quite emotional and anxious that it's not going to be just Harry anymore. 

Harry's eating and sleeping routine has been totally out the window recently. I'm not sure if that's because he has been a little under the weather or he is going through another growth spurt or he can sense a change coming. However, as he has been going to bed quite late each night, we have used this as an excuse to have him in our bed pretty much every night. I know that's really naughty and we're in danger of it becoming a habit, but all I've wanted recently is to snuggle up and make the most of him! I just love how he puts his arms around me and mutters 'hmmm mummy' just as he's drifting off to sleep.

I took Harry to a birthday party last Saturday and while we were out for a few hours, Daddy painted baby girls room! Yey! I then spent the afternoon sticking the butterfly stickers on, which I bought ages ago! Due to my lack of creativity, I found a picture on the internet of butterfly wall stickers and copied (roughly), the same pattern. I'm really please with how it's turned out!

My hospital bag is almost prepared. I have to have a bag packed, even though I'm having a homebirth, just in case we need to be transferred to hospital. There seems to be a lot less in it this time round though compared to the suitcase I packed when I was having Harry. I'm still feeling quite relaxed about having a homebirth despite some of the initial 'wide-eyed' reactions I've received. I definitely think a homebirth is right for us. The fact that I can be in our own environment, that Harry can be with me for as long as possible and that he can meet his baby sister much sooner compared to if we were to have to wait for visiting ours is really important to me. I have no idea what is going to happen at the time and there are many questions that can't be answered until the time comes......

Is Harry going to be upset that I'm in pain?
Or will his presence help keep me calm and handle the pain better? 
Will Paul be able to give me enough attention with Harry still in the house? 
Will Harry need to go to one of my friend's houses for a while until I'm through the worst?

I have some truly amazing friends who have offered to help with Harry in this instance and although I can't plan anything, I know between them I have their support.

A lot of people have asked me this week if we have thought of a name for our daughter. Well, we have, but we haven't told anyone (I haven't even told anyone, which is a first for me!). It is quite nice to have that one thing as a surprise until the birth, although we were also thinking that she may not look like what we want to call her and may need to change our mind!

I'm still getting lots of movements from her, so I've had no worries there, but I am starting to wonder about her size. I do feel like my bump is not as big this time round and many people have commented as such but my midwife, so far has not expressed any concern. I will definitely be specifically asking her about this when I see her next week though.

All in all, Im feeling ok, much more relaxed despite being busy with work still, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our business has been hit with a scheduled Ofsted inspection in early March along with an external audit in the middle of March. Although this is not ideal during the final weeks of my pregnancy, it is actually a relief to get these out of the way before she arrives (unless she does come early!). 

Onwards and upwards to another week!

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