13 Mar 2014

Pregnancy Update.....Week 36!

I can feel myself starting to relax now........I am up to date as I can be with work, the house is decluttered and cleaned. Everything for baby is built and ready! 

One thing I have noticed this week, is my food cravings have totally changed! Where I was craving mainly sugary foods, I am now craving more hydrating and nutritious foods such as salads and fruit, and I'm drinking much more water. I can only imagine, this is nature doing it's job and ensuring I am providing our baby with the best start and getting my body ready for labour.

My bump does feel noticeably larger to me now, despite me still getting mixed messages from family, friends and strangers as to the smallness or largeness of it! She is definitely piling on the ounces so I hope she runs out of room soon and wants to make an appearance! 

Harry was due on the 13th August (2011), so as soon as we reached the 1st August, we knew we were in the month of our babies birth! However, being due this time on the 1st April, it's hard to say if she is going to arrive this month or next. However, my instinct does tell me that we are going to have a March baby!

The weather recently has also made a turn around for the better! Have we now entered Spring? I always imagined we were going to have our little girl surrounded by snow and ice based on last years March weather, but I'm glad I have resisted in buying her snowsuits and coats as it doesn't look like we'll need them! One of my initial reservations about having a homebirth was, if required, the ambulance could make it down our road to pick me up and transfer me to hospital in the shortest possible time. I don't think I have the weather to worry about anymore!

What a lovely time Spring is to have a baby! 

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