5 May 2015

Day 12-14..... #HowToLose7Lbs

Two weeks has past since I committed to losing 7lbs

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I didn't put an obvious timeframe on this. Now, in the fitness world, I know that is a big no no! I spend a lot of my days telling fitness professionals to make sure they set timeframes on their clients goals in order for them to commit to a deadline and to be motivated to achieve it. I have always wanted to lose my 7 pounds in roughly 7 weeks, but I'd be happy with 9. 

I'm not in a rush and that's probably the best way to be when it comes to losing weight.

I know if I needed to lose it in 4 weeks, I could do it, but I'd likely binge afterwards on the treats I would have had to of totally avoided.

I know how it feels to lose a pound in a week. A deficit 3500 calories. I know that I have to cut back on my BFF's of chocolate and wine, but I don't cut them out altogether. I know I have to reduce my portions so I'm only just full at the end of a meal, if not still slightly hungry. I know I have to exercise more on the days when my calorie intake is higher. I realise that sounds like obvious stuff but 'diets', where you totally change the food that you would normally eat or really low calorie diets, just don't work for me. 

I have lost 1 pound so far, in 2 weeks. That loss has come mainly from days one, two, three and four and days ten, eleven and twelve to fourteen. Days five to nine was our camping holiday and we were eating out a lot and I didn't do any exercise. 

The last few days have been good. I have only done two 20 minute home workouts (see post from Day One) and haven't been out running, but my diet has been varied and balanced. I've had a couple of gin and tonic's over last couple of days and I'm currently eating a Belgian chocolate mousse. I have eaten more fruit, particularly for breakfast, snacked on Trek protein bars and consciously put slightly less carbohydrates on my plate than I would normally, including having a couple of 'carb-light' salads for lunches.
I didn't make my beetroot look like eyes on purpose!

I'd hope that in the next 7 days, I can lose a further 1 pound......


  1. Good for you for being realistic about your goals! I too am trying to lose a few pounds. I always tend to put on some weight over the winter. Good luck with your goal, I will be checking back to see if you make it!

  2. Thank you! And good luck to you too! x


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